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Long No Heat Magic Hair Curlers
Long No Heat Magic Hair Curlers
Long No Heat Magic Hair Curlers
Long No Heat Magic Hair Curlers
Long No Heat Magic Hair Curlers

Long No Heat Magic Hair Curlers

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Want Bouncy Curls with NO Hair Damage ? Our No Heat Magic Hair curlers ADOPT heatless Curling System that are Suitable for All Hair types. Heat-CAN as Free Rollers Hair curl the without damaging your IT. -No Heat? No Technique? Less Waiting? The Heard by You That right!        

Get bouncy curls without damaging your hair.    

Our Magic Hair Curler adopt heatless curling system that is suitable for all hair types . The ultra-suede texture on the rollers also polishes the hair smooth and helps tame even the frizziest hair.         

The patented super- heat rollers-free rollers curl your hair without heat, technique and less waiting time. Curl your hair while sleeping and save an hour of styling time in the morning     

Guarantee to give your hair  lift, curls and  waves  easily  for creating a unique fashionable style. Even perfect to sleep on and wake up with beautiful & bouncy curls!  


  • Natural, bouncy  curls with ease
  • No heat,  no damage
  • Stays put  all day
  • Soft  and flexible - you can even sleep in them!  
  • No pins or clips required
  • Suitable for all hair types 

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  • Natural, bouncy curls with ease  
  • No heat, no damage 
  • Stays put all day
  • Easy to use

  • Soft and Flexible  - you can even sleep in them
  • No pins or clips  required
  • Suitable for all hair types 


  • Thread the styling hook through the curler

Extra Long Spiral Curlformer apply to Styling Hook

  • Place the hair section into the crook

Curlformers how to prepare hair

  • Gently push the end of the curler towards your scalp and hold in position
  • Pull the Styling Hook back through the curler to thread the hair through the curler

Curlformers how to apply to hair

  • Continue application until all hair sections are curled
  • Leave your hair to dry naturally or blow dry or keep overnight

Full head of Extra Long Classic Spiral Curlformers

  • Remove each curler when hair is dry for voluminous curly hair!


    • Long Curler Size: 23*2.3cm
    • Short Curler Size: 14*2.3cm
    • Package Size: 46*45*47cm
    • Color: Random

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